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How do I integrate Encompass to IncomeXpert?

Blueprint now offers an integration with Encompass to allow users to reduce manual data entry, duplication of information, and opportunities for human error.  This integration saves time lost in manual human data entry of repetitive information in two systems, Blueprint and Encompass.  This integration leverages a single source of truth for both systems to ensure commonality and reduce human error.  

The integration allows users to automatically

  • Sync the borrowers in Encompass directly with Blueprint
  • Create income sources in Blueprint from Encompass data
  • Sync the borrower income in Blueprint back to Encompass
  • Place Blueprint income report PDF in the eFolder of Encompass

To set up this integration the client must be an Blueprint Enterprise client and have an Ellie Mae Encompass account.


If your company has Blueprint integrated with Encompass you will see a Encompass Sync icon on the Borrower page.  If you do not see this icon, your account is not integrated with Encompass.

The Blueprint-Encompass integration avoids the data entry redundancy of typing information into Blueprint that you already have in the loan file in Encompass.  To start using Blueprint and Encompass, follow this workflow.

Starting with a new (blank) Blueprint file, enter the loan number on the BORROWER page.

Next, click Sync With Encompass.

A pop up will let you know that all contents of the Blueprint fill we be erased and overwritten with data from Encompass.  Thus it is best practice to start with a blank Blueprint file as previously indicated.

Blueprint will use the loan number and the API credentials to look up the loan in your Encompass instance.  If located, Blueprint will create the borrowers and create the incomes as outlined in the Encompass loan file.  IMPORTANT: Once a loan is synced with Encompass, Encompass becomes the source of truth for the borrowers and income types.  You will  not be able to add borrowers or add income via Blueprint

When the system is done syncing you will see a blue update message letting you know it is complete.

You may now use Blueprint as you normally would to analyze the income for the borrowers.  Nothing changes in this part of the workflow.

When you are done with the income analysis and want to update Encompass with the newly calculated income, you can update Encompass from the REPORT page.  Next to the Create PDF button there is a down arrow.  Click the arrow, and additional options will be available.  Click Send to Encompass and the PDF of the Blueprint report will be uploaded to the e-Folder and the income values in Encompass will be updated with the Blueprint income calculations.

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