Document Manifest

Blueprint provides a document manifest to show what documents have been uploaded to the file, and what income types were found within those documents.  

When you upload a document to Blueprint your document is processed in the order it was received.  Thus during peak times the processing time of your file may increase due to demand.  To keep you informed of the progress we provide a number of icons to give you detailed status of your upload.

Icons are quick and powerful to share status information quickly.  Here is an overview of what those icons mean.

 Doc StatusError StatusData Usage
Upon upload
Complete ProcessingVariousVarious
Quality ControlVariousVarious

Error status is provided to indicate if any issues arose during the processing of the document.  This field will be expanded in the future.

 Error Status
No Error
Unknown Error

 Data use informs the user how how that particular income type is being utilized in the file.  Several possibilities exist for how the data may be used and these are represented in the following icons.

 Data Use 
Data ActiveThe uploaded data is being used in the file
Borrower not in fileThe last 4 of the SSN for this income does not match a borrower SSN in Blueprint
Data not processed yetData has not completed processing.
Old tax dataThe tax year is older than what is needed for the Blueprint file
Missing K1Only applies to 1065 and 1120S incomes
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