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IncomeXpert PLUS Supported Income Types

IncomeXpert PLUS allows users to upload borrower tax returns and income documentation. IncomeXpert supports all agency income types, however IncomeXpert PLUS only supports the following subset. All uploaded documents must meet the the following document requirements.

Documents containing unsupported income types will not result in income calculators being created or populated with data.

Supported Income Types

  • Sole Proprietor (Schedule C)
  • Real Estate Rental Income (Schedule E)
  • K-1 Partnership Income (Form 1065)
  • K-1 S Corporations Income (Form 1120S)
  • Corporation Income (Form 1120)
  • Farm Income (Schedule F)
  • W2
  • Paystubs 
  • VOE/VOI (from specific vendors)
  • Social Security Retirement Income if award letter is provided
  • Pension Income if award letters or IRS 1099R are provided 
  • Military Pay if LES and W-2 are provided

    Base vs. Variable Pay

    If you upload paystubs and W2 documents, Blueprint will only be able to determine base income.  If you would like to qualify with variable income such as overtime, bonus, commission, or tips, then a VOE / VOI is required.

    Supported VOE / VOI Vendors

    As there are multiple VOE and VOI vendors on the market, Blueprint strives to support as many as possible.  Currently we support the most common VOE vendors that our clients utilize.  If your VOE/VOI vendor is not listed here, please reach out to and enquire about getting your vendor supported.

    • Equifax
    • Experian
    • Employ Check
    • Fannie Mae Form 1005
    • Settlement One
    • VOE Services
    • Xactus
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