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IncomeXpert PLUS Terms and Conditions

IncomeXpert PLUS (the Service) is a income analysis service provided by Blueprint Solutions. Users of the service acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions.  


  • Users of the Service will place orders exclusively through the Blueprint order portal.  Orders or amendments to existing orders can not be made through email or phone.
  • Once an order is placed it can not be modified, stopped, or edited.  The user is responsible for ensuring the scope of the order is correct and that all information provided to the Service is complete and correct.  Specifically:
    • Borrowers included on the loan file
    • Last-4 of borrower’s SSN for identification purposes
    • Tax years to be reviewed
  • The user agrees that all uploaded documents will be charged for page count, regardless if the data is used in the loan file or not.  Unnecessary documents and pages will increase the user’s costs and slow the response time of the system as all uploaded documents must be scanned by the system. 
  • You may incur a QC surcharge if changes are requested to the order AFTER it is placed.
    • Changing the years to be reviewed after the order has been placed
    • Adding borrowers to an order after the order was placed
    • Uploading additional documents after the order is completed


  • The data provided to IncomeXpert PLUS is correct, non-fraudulent, and up to date.  
  • IncomeXpert PLUS and the Quality Control process will not audit the veracity of the income information provided.  IncomeXpert PLUS will enter the data provided into our income calculators and determine income.  If the data provided is incorrect, IncomeXpert PLUS is not able to identify or correct it.


  • Upon upload your loan file will lock while the documents are scanned and the loan file updated with the data.  Results will not be available until the file is unlocked.
  • Customer support can not provide results to the user via a support request.  The user must obtain the results from Blueprint directly.
  • Questions about the results must be made via a customer support ticket and will be handled in writing, via email.  Meeting based discussions are not available.
  • Declining income beyond your company’s defined threshold will not be included in the final income determination.  The Service will set declining income beyond the allowed threshold to Income Not Used.  The user can, at their discretion and risk appetite, allow the use of declining income.
  • Questions about results will be answered via email with a SLA of 24 hours

Quality Control

  • If the IncomeXpert PLUS system has difficulty reading the uploaded documents, the file may be flagged for human QC review.  This may extend the lock period of the loan file, while the QC checks are performed.

Scope of Service

  • IncomeXpert PLUS is not an underwriting service. 
  • IncomeXpert PLUS will not make risk judgments on declining or variable income.
  • IncomeXpert PLUS will not make change of tax form decisions (IE business changed from SCH C in 2019 to 1120S in 2020).  IncomeXpert PLUS will enter each business for the user to review and combine as they deem appropriate
  • IncomeXpert PLUS will not make combined employment income analysis for borrowers with multiple job changes.  Each income will be entered and the user is required to evaluate according to their investor guidelines
  • IncomeXpert PLUS accepts the following tax and income documents
  • IncomeXpert PLUS does NOT accept
    • State tax returns
    • Foreign tax returns
    • Divorce decrees
    • Military discharge papers
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