The Blueprint Story

In 2013 Michael Whitbeck and David Stamm joined forces to change the way the mortgage industry approached income analysis. At the time many companies lacked systematic processes and tools for determining borrower income which can lead to longer turn times, compliance issues, and general inefficiency and lost profits. Michael and David decided they would find a better way and BluePrint was born.

IncomeXpert was developed to fix all of the manual, human-error prone aspects of determining mortgage income. Remembering guidelines, consistently calculating income, flagging warnings, advisories, and most of all, clearly showing how the income was determined. Their goal was to intelligently use software and automation to free up underwriting teams from these issues. This has changed the business operations and loan processes of 100’s of underwriters, freeing them from tedium and allowing them to work more efficiently and focus on other aspects of underwriting.

IncomeXpert was just the beginning. Blueprint is passionate about automation so they took it further. In 2020 they launched IncomeXpert PLUS to provide even more automation to client workflows. With IncomeXpert PLUS clients can upload tax returns and income documents and our software will scan and create the income calculations for underwriters. This frees up underwriters from reading and manually entering data from tax returns. This further removes tedious tasks and better leverages software for a more efficient workflow.

Going forward BluePrint will continue to seek out opportunities for automation and freeing tedium from the mortgage process.

Our Mission

Blueprint’s mission is to improve the mortgage industry through software and automation. We build software systems for all phases of processing and underwriting mortgage loans to eliminate human error and make people more efficient.

About Our Founders

Michael Whitbeck

Michael Whitbeck started his career in the mortgage business in 1994 after serving four years in the Army. Taking what he learned from the military about hard work, discipline, and following processes to succeed in his next career in mortgage operations. He is a continual learner and has developed a sound underwriting process for himself and mentoring others. This process developed and became the “10 Point Underwriting Process” which improved his team’s performance and knowledge of underwriting. Michael still loves adventure outside of the office. He owns and operates a Cessna 182 aircraft, takes Jeeping adventures on the backroads of Michigan, and loves to travel with his wife Julie.

David Stamm

David is a software and systems engineer with broad domain expertise, having worked in multiple industries prior to co-founding Blueprint. Starting off in the automotive industry, he transitioned to defense, and later took on a safety focus for autonomous vehicles. Prior to starting Blueprint David worked for General Motors, Uber, and Aurora. David holds a master’s degree in engineering from Purdue University. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, when he isn’t developing software solutions he can be found on the backroads and trails of Michigan enjoying his motorcycles.