Eliminate Mortgage Income Error

ZERO guideline errors

ZERO calculation errors

ZERO data entry errors

No Guideline Errors

IncomeXpert is up to date on all agency guidelines.  When you select the agency for your loan file, IncomeXpert analyzes the income and creates guideline advisories when needed.

Teams can review these advisories see any red flags, or determine if additional risk analysis is needed. Advisories will flag your team where underwriting review is needed.  

No Calculation Errors

IncomeXpert stands behind all calculations and analysis.  Our software is rigorously tested, and regularly audited to ensure accuracy.  

We have sought out SOC 2 Type 2 certification for our Processing Integrity.  Approximately less than 10% of all companies seeking a SOC 2 Type 2 go for this additional certification.

No Data Errors

IncomeXpert PLUS enables automated income analysis in your workflows.  This save time and avoid human data entry errors. 

IncomeXpert PLUS has multiple layers of protection to eliminate data entry errors. We have two independent scanning systems running in our software.  When discrepancies are detected, they are flagged for human QC review, and corrected if needed.

We solve income errors two different ways.


IncomeXpert is a complete income analysis solution for brokerages, credit unions, community banks, and national lenders.

With IncomeXpert, users get assurance of no guideline or calculation errors. Your users enter data into IncomeXpert manually following our easy to follow income worksheets, prompts, and pop ups. This is a cost effective option for many teams.

  • NO guideline errors
  • NO calculation errors
  • Manual data entry

IncomeXpert PLUS

IncomeXpert PLUS layers on additional error reduction and convenience by using artificial intelligence on OCR to perform data entry.

Upload tax returns, paystubs, and VOEs and our software scans the uploaded documents, identifies what is present and identifies missing tax forms, enters the data into the loan file, and determines the recommended income automatically.

  • NO guideline errors
  • NO calculation errors
  • NO data entry errors

Lessons Learned After 3 Millions Loans

Do you want to see what issues we have observed after analyzing 3 million loans?  We have compiled a report of the top 5 issues we have observed lenders make when analyzing income.  Calculation errors, calculation omissions, guideline errors and more.

How We Are Different

Built for Workflows

Unlike other solutions, IncomeXpert is designed with your workflow in mind. Our software understands the  roles of each user and the current stage of the loan lifecycle, dynamically adjusting permissions. This ensures that sales teams can use IncomeXpert with limited controls to determine a safe income, while underwriters have the flexibility to adjust for higher income when necessary. 

Advisories To Stay Ahead of Guidelines

IncomeXpert includes over 200 income advisories that alert underwriters if additional guidelines apply. With IncomeXpert, you stay compliant with the latest agency guidelines to ensure calculated income is correct.

Advisories To Stay Ahead of Guidelines and Compliance

IncomeXpert includes over 200 income and agency advisories that alert underwriters if additional guidelines apply. With IncomeXpert, underwriters stay up to date with the latest industry guidelines to ensure calculated income is correct and guideline compliant.

Full Reps & Warrants

We stand behind our calculations with Reps and Warrants on the calculations, guideline compliance, and data entry. If our calculations are erroneous or non-compliant, we will make it right. 

Human guided Automation

We enhance your underwriting team’s efficiency with smart human guided automation, without compromising the essential expertise of your underwriters. Our tools streamline guideline memorization, data entry, and calculation analysis, freeing your underwriters to focus on critical risk assessment and decision-making.

Clear Reporting

IncomeXpert ensures clear reporting by removing underwriting teams’ use of manual spreadsheets and forms. IncomeXpert provides underwriters with multiple levels of reporting details including trending analysis, income advisories, and summary totals.

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