A complete income analysis system . . .

IncomeXpert is a turnkey income analysis solution for mortgage underwriters at brokerages, credit unions, community banks, and national lenders.

IncomeXpert walks underwriters through the steps required to determine a prospective borrower’s income.

With IncomeXpert underwriters are armed with calculators for every income type supported by agencies, and a rules engine to ensure compliance with necessary regulations. The end result is that they can confidently provide the best recommended income to borrowers.

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IncomeXpert PLUS unlocks additional convenience and time savings by using the Blueprint software to do the tedious set up and population of income worksheets.  IncomeXpert PLUS scans tax and income documents, finds the relevant income sources, extracts the borrowers income information and creates income calculation worksheets automatically.

IncomeXpert PLUS allows underwriters to upload tax returns, paystubs, and VOE.

IncomeXpert PLUS allows underwriting teams to offload complicated loans to the Blueprint team for processing, reducing turn times and costs.

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Why you need a complete income system

Without a systematic method for determining borrower income, you will likely experience one or more of the issues below.  IncomeXpert gives teams a consistent set of tools to allow any underwriter, regardless of experience, the ability to calculate guideline compliant income every time.

save time

Struggling With Turn Times

Users report underwriters are able to go from 1-2 loans per day to 3-5 loans per day using IncomeXpert.  Why? Income determination is streamlined and lost productivity in arguing over income with sales is reduced.  The detailed analysis, advisories, and the trust from processing over 2 million loans to date let the largest banks and agencies rely on IncomeXpert as the final word on income.

consistent calculations

Inconsistent Calculations

Does your team suffer from inconsistent income determination?  Do they forget guidelines, miss declining income, or just make math errors? Get all your team using the same calculations.  IncomeXpert runs trending analysis and provides clear warnings and recommended income based on the trending so no matter who takes the file, the income is consistently determined.

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Struggling To Automate

IncomeXpert PLUS enables automation of your workflows.  By uploading documents at the moment they are available from the borrower lets IncomeXpert PLUS determine the income and prepare a report for your underwriter.  IncomeXpert PLUS also flags missing documents and additional advisories to ensure you determine the most income for your borrowers.

Key Features

Trending Analysis

IncomeXpert calculates over 20 income trending factors for employed income and 4 trending factors for self-employed income. Spot declining, variable, and missing income instantly.


IncomeXpert includes over 200 income and agency advisories that alert underwriters if additional guidelines apply. With IncomeXpert, underwriters stay up to date with the latest industry guidelines to ensure calculated income is correct and guideline compliant.

Reps & Warrants

Blueprint stands behind IncomeXpert’s calculations with Reps and Warrants on the calculated income. If our calculations are in error and lead to a buy back, we will cover the cost of the error. Terms and conditions apply.


IncomeXpert surpasses spreadsheets and form fills when it comes to clear income reporting. IncomeXpert provides multiple levels of reporting detail including trending analysis, income advisories, and summary totals.


Fast, Compliant, Documented Income Analysis for Underwriters