Full QC on every loan
Every loan is fully QC'd for accuracy
Hybrid automation
Manual vs. automated, it's your choice.
Upload tax returns
Automate your workflows

Upload Tax Returns

Free your team from wasted time on manual data entry and the risk of human errors and typos.

Hybrid Automation

Use IncomeXpert manually or add IncomeXpert PLUS where you need a boost. No rigid all-or-nothing plans here.

Full Quality Control Review

All automation files have a full domestic Quality Control review before being released to the client.

All Employed And Self-Employed Income

Single source of truth for all income analysis. Tax forms, W2, Paystubs, VOE, VOI, Profit and Loss.

Cost Effective Automation

Considering automated income analysis for your operations? Blueprint has a low base file charge and a per-page surcharge. This allows you to control your costs very precisely by only uploading what you want to automate.

Mix manual income analysis with automated income analysis on the same file. Not sure how to handle an 1120? Upload it and let us do it for you. Are you rock solid on calculating a SchC? No problem, don’t upload those and control the cost by doing that manually.

Blueprint is the only solution that offers this hybrid mix of manual and automated income analysis to help you control costs.

Our software scans income documents and automatically creates an income report for you.

Income Types Supported by IncomeXpert PLUS

Employed (W2)

Employed (Paystub)

Employed (VOE / VOI)

Rental Income

Schedule 1

Schedule C

Schedule E

Schedule F

1065 & K1


1120S & K1

How does it work?



Create a loan and add borrowers in IncomeXpert. This tells IncomeXpert which borrowers to target during the scan.


Upload / Scan

Upload tax returns, W2, VOE, or VOI to start the automated income analysis process.


Quality Control

IncomeXpert notifies you that the scan and QC are finished and points out any issues.



IncomeXpert notifies you QC is complete and you can review your full income report.

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