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IncomeXpert Overview Video

Do you want a full overview of IncomeXpert?  This is a 10 minute demonstration of IncomeXpert. In this video we will...

Adjusting Recommended Income

IncomeXpert provides clients with several controls to grant the right permissions to their team based on job position, for example...

Lock for Underwriting

IncomeXpert uses roles and permissions to allow clients to control editing access to loans.  If you are unable to edit...

How do I integrate Encompass to IncomeXpert?

Blueprint now offers an integration with Encompass to allow users to reduce manual data entry, duplication of information, and opportunities...

How do I get an API key for Encompass?

Encompass and Encompass Developer Connect provide lenders the ability to grant ISVs such as Blueprint, controlled access to their Encompass...

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