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What is income trending analysis?

IncomeXpert and IncomeXpert PLUS provide detailed trending analysis of income to help users see the bigger picture of a borrower and comply with agency guidelines and your company’s policy for income trends.

By default IncomeXpert is set to conservative thresholds. If your company has different thresholds, we can adjust the IncomeXpert defaults to your company thresholds. The adjustment of these values requires written notification by a company officer or senior manager.

Clients may set thresholds for various trends

  • Employed base pay
  • Employed base vs. calculated pay
  • Employed variable pay
  • Self-Employed income
  • Self-Employed 1088 analysis

Each income type in IncomeXpert has a trending analysis section like the one shown below.

Trending limit thresholds can be customized in a per-account basis to meet agency and internal company policy needs.  Reach out to customer support for more information.

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