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Setting up user groups (aka cost center)

User groups (aka cost center) can be set up by account administrators to facilitate more granular detail when downloading usage reports. Groups can be defined by the account administrator and allocated to a user. Users can only be a member of one group. Once a user is a member of a group, this information is recorded when that individual performs certain actions within IncomeXpert.

Administrators can download a usage report and see all the loans that were created and see which groups these were allocated to for further accounting and business processing.

Defining Groups

To define a user group (aka cost center) you must be an administrator on the IncomeXpert account. Go to the ACCOUNT page and select User Groups

On this screen you can see the prior groups that have been created and add new groups.

Allocating Users To Groups

Once you have groups defined, you now must allocate these groups to your users. From the ACCOUNT page press Edit Users. The screen will re-render to show editing buttons for each user. Select Edit User on the specific user you want to edit.

On this next screen you can edit a number of user parameters, including the group. A dropdown list of the available groups are shown. Select the group the user should be allocated to and press Update.

Repeat this until all users are allocated to the appropriate groups.

Note, loans created prior to a user being allocated to a group will not be retroactively updated to reflect the group association. Only newly created loans will show the updated group.

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