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Underwriting FAQ

How is income calculated for mortgages?

The process of analysis of a borrower’s income for mortgages is one of the best documented processes in the lending...

How to calculate social security income

Borrowers who have contributed to the US Government Social Security program may qualify for retirement, disability, or survivors benefits.  The...

How to Calculate Income for Self-Employed Borrowers

There are four steps on how to calculate income for self-employed borrowers. Borrowers who are self-employed have two distinct roles...

Grossing up income

IncomeXpert supports the grossing up of income outlined in the guidelines.  The amount the income can be grossed up depends...

Do I have to document 3 years continuance on all pensions?

A common issue in mortgage operations teams is a habit I call “Guideline Lumping.” This is when we don’t slow...

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