save time

Reduce Underwriting Times

Dramatically faster calculations improve turn times.  Clear analysis reports eliminate time wasted debating income.

consistent calculations

Consistent Calculations

Get all your underwriters using the same calculations.  Ensure all income guidelines are followed.

underwriter training

Underwriter Training

Comprehensive training and testing of underwriters for building up and quantifying knowledge.  Don’t guess what your underwriters know, measure it.

Income Analysis Software

Blueprint is software to power your underwriting and processing teams.

Unburden your team from remembering guidelines for multiple agencies.  Never make a math error again.

Much like personal tax software, Blueprint guides users through entering borrower income from tax returns, bank statements, and other documentation.

Blueprint crunches all the numbers and gives you a clean report you can upload into your document system or LOS.

income analysis software
API Data Import

Upload your data via our API, or manually enter from tax returns.  We support all data companies via our REST API.  Contact us for more information

Income Types Supported

All income types described by the agencies are supported.  That’s right, all income.  Self-employed, rental income, gross up.  We have them all.

LOS Integration

Blueprint integrates with Encompass.  Eliminate redundant data entry and automate your underwriting workflow.

Ready to analyze income?


High performance on-demand training from industry experts.

Learn About Training

Underwriter Training

We offer on-demand training with detailed examples covering all aspects of underwriting.  Get support when you need it.  No more waiting for a training session or struggling to remember.

Do you struggle with measuring your underwriters knowledge?

Our training program trains, tests, and measures your underwriters.  Objective third party training and testing give you the tools to develop and reward your staff.

  • Loan Applications
  • Credit Review
  • Debt Analysis
  • Income Analysis
  • Asset Analysis
  • Property & Appraisals
  • Fraud Tools
  • AUS
  • Conditions

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