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API and user change tracking

When the Blueprint API is used a single API key is used to authenticate the API caller.  This approach is convenient for organizations to manage a singular API key, but organizations lose the ability to track which user made a request across the API.  Starting with V2 R14 of the API change tracking of critical API endpoints is available.  Prior to V2 R14 a default value of “API User” was used to indicate who made a given change.  V2 R14 of the API now offers a header called Integrated_User where callers of the API can provide the username of the person making the API call.

The following API endpoints support this header

  • /api/v2/report
  • /api/v2/file
  • /api/v2/1003/borrowerpairs

Populating this header will result in the Last Modified By field and Created By fields being populated with the header value as opposed to the default of “API User”.  When used for the report endpoint the Integrated_User value will show up as the username requesting the report.


Hybrid UI and API Change Tracking

As some users of the Blueprint API do so in a hybrid fashion where the UI and API are used in conjunction, to support these hybrid users additional information is captured via a query string during login to the UI.  Users can populate a query string when calling the Login page (  Adding the query string Integrated_User=<username> will store a value for the duration of that browser session where by the username provided in the query string will be used in substitution for the username used to login to the UI.

Note: The Integrated_User query string value is not used for authentication or authorization.  It is only used for change tracking.

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