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What are Income Advisories?

IncomeXpert reviews each loan for over 200 potential income advisories.  These advisories will notify you of potential issues with the income, compliance to an agency guideline.  They are visible on the Income page as the data is being entered, and are summarized on the Report page.

Note: The advisories on a loan file will change based on the agency selected.

underwriting advisories

The presence of an advisory does not mean the income can not be used, nor does the absence indicate the income is without issue.  These items will be triggered based on the data entered and provide a reminder to users and do not replace underwriter judgement. Insufficient or incomplete data may falsely trigger an advisory.  Consult your underwriter for a final income determination and applicability of the advisory to the loan context.

Users are expected to either resolve the issue by making an income entry adjustment, or justify it with a comment.  When a comment has been added the red coloring will be removed.

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