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Account Management

How to get a usage report

If you are curious about your IncomeXpert and IncomeXpert PLUS usage history, a report outlining all of the files creates...

How do I get an API key for Encompass?

Encompass and Encompass Developer Connect provide lenders the ability to grant ISVs such as Blueprint, controlled access to their Encompass...

How do I delete a file in IncomeXpert?

In short, you can’t. IncomeXpert does not allow deletion of a file for tracking purposes, compliance, and billing reasons.   If...

File Locking & Reuse

File locking is a feature to curb the practice of file reuse which is prohibited in our Terms of Service....

Why can’t I see the same loan as my co-worker?

IncomeXpert has the concept of roles and enforces these via a Role Manager feature.  These roles control what permissions users...

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