File Locking & Reuse

File locking is a feature to curb the practice of file reuse which is prohibited in our Terms of Service. File reuse is where users reuse the same IncomeXpert file to analyze income on multiple loans to avoid being charged for a new IncomeXpert loan.  

Under 30 daysFree to editFree to editFree to edit
30-120 days
120-180 daysEdit values onlyEdit values onlyEdit values only
Over 180 daysLocked, no editingLocked, no editingLocked, no editing

Files will lock and restrict editing different elements of the loan file based on age and the tier of service of the user.  If you would like to continue editing a file after a lock has been applied, you will need to create a copy of the file.  The copy will reset the file age and permit editing again.  Creating a copy will debit one file to the account.

The original file will be deleted and replaced by the file copy.  This is done to avid confusion when searching for files b y loan number and finding multiple copies of the same loan.

To initiate a user directed copy of a file, open the file you want to copy and go to the BORROWER page. On the upper right hand corner click the two pages icon.  This will initiate a file copy.

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