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Why is the 2nd year of IncomeXpert grey?

The 2nd year is greyed out to indicate no data has been entered.  IncomeXpert uses two shades of grey for income entry cells. 

Dark tones are used to indicate cells that can’t be edited and this can be determined by hovering over the cell you will see a Do Not Enter mouse pointer. 

If you see a lighter tone and that has a normal mouse pointer this is indicating that no data is entered for the 2nd year.  This also indicates that IncomeXpert will only calculate a one-year average.

In the image below you can see K1 Line 19a is dark grey for both years.  This indicates a disabled cell due to agency rules.

In the image below you will see all of the 2nd year boxes are light grey indicating no data entry, and only a one year average will be calculated.

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