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Document Upload Interface

February 1, 2024

Blueprint is updating the user interface and the API for uploading tax and income documents when utilizing IncomeXpert PLUS.  If you are not currently using IncomeXpert PLUS, this change notice won’t impact you.  If your team does use IncomeXpert PLUS, you will need to disseminate this information to those users and development teams.


What is changing?

The order screen in IncomeXpert PLUS and the API endpoint for uploading documents is being updated to separate Tax Returns, W2, and VOE from Paystubs and Award letters.

Current Form & Endpoint

New Order Form

For the API, the change will add a new parameter to the v2/document/upload endpoint.  The default will be to set this parameter to false.  The new parameter when set to false will indicate the uploaded document(s) are Tax Return, W2, or VOE.  When the parameter is set to true it will indicate the uploaded document(s) are paystub or award letters.


Another email notice will be issued when the API has been released and users can begin testing.  Further details documenting the specific changes will be provided at that time.


Why is this changing?
Due to the non-standard formatting of payslips and award letters, combined with the propensity for these documents to be skewed low-quality scans or cell phone images; Blueprint is requiring users of IncomeXpert PLUS to separate these documents and upload them into a different location.


This change will allow Blueprint to continue to provide income analysis across a full range of scenarios, and ensure documents without standardized formatting to still be reliably processed by our system.


Workflow Changes UI
When this change goes into effect documents uploaded in the Tax Returns, W2, and VOE area will be processed automatically by our software and entered into the loan file same as they are today.  However, if paystubs and award letters are uploaded into this area, they will not be scanned and the loan will not be updated with their data.


Similarly, if Tax Returns, W2, and VOE are uploaded into the paystub and award letter area, they will not be scanned and the loan will not be updated with their data.


Workflow Changes API

API users will potentially need to make a 2nd POST call to the v2/document/upload endpoint if they are uploading both Tax Returns and paystubs.  Each call to the upload endpoint will be for a particular set of documents.


Thus if you have two tax returns, two W2, and two paystubs to upload; you would make one call to the upload endpoint with the tax returns and W2 and a separate call to the upload end point for the paystubs.


Change Timeline

In the next week the UI will be updated to show this new upload field for paystubs and award letters.  This field will be deactivated.  Our intent is to get users used to seeing this new field and get prepared for the change.


On March 1, 2024 the field will be unlocked and all IncomeXpert PLUS uploads by users must comply with uploading the correct documents into the correct area.


The API will be updated to fully support this change in the first week of February.  Due to the default values of the new parameter, no coordinated changes will be required by API users when this release is made.  API users will have until March 1, 2024 to update their systems to utilize the new endpoint.


API users can begin using the new upload method sooner than March 1, 2024 if they so choose.


If you have any questions about this change, please reach out to our support team at

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