The National Mortgage News group (Source Media) just completed its first ever Digital Mortgage conference on Dec 8th & 9th in San Francisco CA.  This conference was different than any other industry event I have attended.  The speakers, vendors, and information provided was all focused on how new technology is disrupting the buying and lending experience.  In speaking to the organizers of the event, they received such an overwhelming response that they had to buy extra space at the hotel to accommodate the need.

This response of mortgage companies hungry to learn about better ways to execute a better, faster, more efficient way of mortgage origination does not surprise me with innovations coming out daily like Rocket Mortgage.

Industry leaders know that the old method of loan origination is expensive, slow, and most of all provides low customer satisfaction making it harder to grow their companies.

The event had over 30 demos that showed ways to improve every step of the process, from customer facing applications to operations software, and closing tools to get the job done about as paperless as possible!  So this show was not a “what if” , it was a ‘did you know’?

Did you know?

Imaging systems can self-index over 80% of the documents they receive?

Your client can provide a 7-digit code and give you all the asset information you need?

Your client can open one app and have a full list of all the things required for underwriting?

Your underwriting team can have data pulled directly from income information and calculated?

My plan was to give a few sentence’s on some of the great software tools I found, but to be honest there was so much that I don’t think one blog could do it justice!  So to give you a better insight head over to the demo page and click on the links for the presenters.  Here you can see who attended, demonstrated, and what they are all about.

Bottom line if you’re looking to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction this conference is for you!  See you next year.