As we wrap up 2016 and get ready for 2017 our team at UberWriter just wanted to take 2 minutes to say thank you!  We have had record growth in 2016.  We are humbled to report that most of our clients are coming from reading our blogs or recommendations from other mortgage pros using UberWriter.  So please keep passing the word around, it keeps the ship moving around here!
This is the time of year for New Year’s resolutions, personally I have made many resolutions and some I have kept and some well not no so good at keeping. But our team her at UberWriter has just one resolution.

To be better

Based on hours of direct conversations, hundreds of blog comments, and latest information we learned at trade shows… we wanted to give you a sneak peek of things to come which will help us keep our resolution…. “to be better”.

First up are new features for our UberWriter, the OCR support and an API for integration support will be rolling out in 2017.  These two new methods of getting information into UberWriter will make it even faster and easier to use.

Second, we are adding video help to UberWriter… If you have a question on about any income our videos will be a click of a mouse away giving you the why, what, and how to determine each income type.  Our goal is to make income calculation as clear as possible regardless of your experience in the mortgage business.

Third, in first quarter 2017 we are launching the 10 point underwriting process online training program.  This training goes beyond just income.  I have taken my 20 plus years of underwriting experience and created a system that can teach you to effectively and efficiently on how to underwrite a loan.  This training covers all you need from opening the first page of your loan to your final approval and those magic words of “clear to close”.
Finally, on the list is our blogs will now have video in addition to the text, so you can choose what platform for our information works best, you can read it or watch it!

Happy new year from all of us at UberWriter, enjoy the upcoming weekend, be safe and we will see you on the other side of January 1st.