On Freddie Mac’s home page, you will see the tag line “We Make Home Possible”, when I see changes in the guidelines as outlined on Selling Update 2018-13 I appreciate the effort to make the mortgage process easier on borrowers and live up to their tagline.

Let’s face it, many younger borrowers are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to debt payments.  On one hand they don’t qualify for a mortgage payment due to DTI issues, for many younger buyers student loans do take up quite a bit of buying borrower.  On the other hand, they must rent apartments or homes that probably have the exact same payment as the mortgage would have been for a similar home in the same area.  So bottom line they are probably going to end up with the same payment for “housing” without all the benefits of home ownership!  As a parent of two great kids in their 20’s, I see this challenge first hand. So Kudo’s to Freddie Mac for this change in the guidelines!

According to Selling Update 2018-13 , you have a new (and in my opinion better) option for debt calculations on student loans (with settlement dates after Nov 1 2018).

FHLMC student loan

Some quick examples:

Previous Requirements New Requirements
$45,000 Student Loan $45,000 Student Loan
$150 payment on credit $150 payment on credit
$225 is 0.5% of loan balance N/A – can now use credit payment, not 0.5%
$225 payment to qualify borrower $150 payment to qualify borrower

That is all for this week’s blog, are you a mortgage professional that wants to make sure you are on top of your game.  Knowing little nuggets like this can make all the difference in your career as a loan officer, processor, underwriter, or auditor.  Just like the old “school house rock” videos “Knowledge is Power”!

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