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Most loan officers, processors, underwriters, and auditors have be taught underwriting in the school of hard knocks. In our experience the typical underwriting training is a loose system of shadowing another underwriter, random free videos online, and self-reading the guidelines to try to figure it out. This results in slow turn times, frustrations between sales and operations, and quality control issues.


Training should cover all topics in loan underwriting

Training should accessible anytime you need it

Training should be a continual process to keep up with changes

Training should produce measurable results


Our method of teaching is based on a system of underwriting not “random acts” of underwriting. The Field Guide has broken down loan review into ten distinct steps. Buy creating these ten steps we can teach as much or little as you need to understand each step. The result is a complete training system for team members at every level that will give your team the “what, why, and how” to underwrite like a pro!


The underwriting field guide is ready anytime you need it, no more trying to move your team members schedules around, or holding up normal production, or having that new team member “staring out windows” waiting for help. With over thirty five videos and over twenty hours of instruction at the click of a mouse you know your team will get high quality, accurate, and documented information they need NOW to make the right decision on loan.


Would you want your financial planner relying on information they learned “back in school”. Of course not! Why should any borrower get any less from our underwriting process? Our information must be accurate, up to date, and compliant to best serve our clients. Keeping your team current with our monthly webinars makes sure you have the latest information.

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Training managers are set up as teachers on the site.  This role allows you to oversee the students, their progress, and test results.  Students can not see other students in the system.

The course is comprehensive and covers all of the technical aspects of mortgage underwriting.  The course does not cover specific training such as Loan Operating Systems, or topics that would be employer specific.

We provide comprehensive on-demand underwriter training, not just training on income analysis.  We set up a process that goes from application through a 10 step process until you are ready to close.  We back up the training with testing, and a transcript so you can document your training program progress.

At this time the course does not count toward loan officer CE credit.

The training credit can be transferred to a new employee.

Monthly webinars are recorded and are accessible for 90 days.  Students will be notified when new webinars are available.

No.  The purpose of the webinar is to keep students current on rapidly changing topics and to provide a venue for direct Q & A.  Content covered in webinar will eventually become curriculum and part of the tests however.

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