You may have run across a borrower who is personally obligated to a mortgage (as indicated on a credit report) but reports the income through a business entity using form IRS forms 1065 or 1120S.   FNMA guidelines B3-3.1-08 break down the process and requirements needed to get this right!

The key training points in this video are :

  • What does FNMA B3-3.1-08 require from the seller
  • What is the 8825 form
  • What business use the 8825 form
  • How to properly calculate the income or loss from the 8825

If you work with borrowers who have a plan to own and acquire rental properties, this is a must watch video for you.  Learn who can qualify and who can’t to stand out as a mortgage leader in your market of savvy investment property landlords.

 Video – Using the 8825 Form to offset income