UberWriter has been breaking ground since its first debut in late 2012.    The release of UberWriter v1.2 brings in new features and refinements to existing ones.

For those not quite familiar with UberWriter, it is a web based tool built to help calculate income for any borrower using FNMA/FHLMC guidelines.  Unlike excel spreadsheets and fillable PDF’s, UberWriter can handle employed borrowers, borrows with a single SCH C income, or more complex borrowers like those with multiple 1065’s and 1120S income sources.  Complex income that used to take advanced underwriters 10-15 minute to calculate can now be done in a few minutes.   UberWriter outputs documented income calculation sheets, summaries, and 1084 forms printed in PDF that can be uploaded to any paperless system.

UberWriter version 1.2 contains the following upgrades:

* Debt to Income Ratios (DTI) – UberWriter already knows the income now just enter in a few debts and get the DTI!  Front ratio, back ratio, and occupant only front and back ratios are all calculated and summarized.

*Upgraded interface for employed borrowers who work less than 40 hours per week

*Upgraded interface for borrowers with less than 3 years income to more accurately determine income

*New entry fields in the SCH C screens to handle the allowable “other” add back’s such as one time repairs, amortization, and casualty losses

*Added new entry field to add a loan ID to your borrowers file to link files in UberWriter to files in your LOS

* Upgraded interface for pay-as-you-go and enterprise users to manage accounts, move seats to other users, and manage satellite accounts

* Enterprise users can now re-assign user seats from the account management interface


These are just a few of the improvements, we want to thank our engaged users for their loyalty and suggestions to push UberWriter to the next level!

All the best!

David Stamm & Mike Whitbeck
Co-Creators UberWrtier