Automated condo/coop reviews

Compliant, consistent, and affordable

The pain, and I quote . . .

Guidelines are so complex and confusing, It’s intimidatingUnderwriter

I don’t understand anything about project reviews, I have to rely on the few we have on staff and hope they get it rightExecutive

We have no choice but to outsource and the costs are outrageous on top of my salaried employeesUnderwriting Manager

The thought of having to manage QC on a project review gives me hives Director of Credit

Our mission

Automate the condo review process

Enable any underwriter to create guideline compliant reviews

Eliminate outsourcing and training by doing reviews in-house

Consistent guideline interpretation applied to every file

Our product

Project Insight is a new product in development at UberWriter. 

Efficiency, low cost, and compliance are our North Stars.

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Just the facts…..

Our questionnaires save you time.  No wasted questions.

Our software lets you know step by step where issues are in the data; and if we can save the deal.

If the project can’t be approved we let you know right away so you can save time.

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